Volleyball, the 30 Italians chasing the Olympic pass: the Calabrians Lavia and Laurenzano are also there


By John

Italvolley coach Ferdinando De Giorgi has announced the list of 30 Italian players who will be eligible for the 2024 Volleyball Nations League. The international tournament this year will represent a key event of the season, considering the fact that the teams not yet qualified for Paris 2024 will compete for the last points in the world ranking to access the Olympic Games. Italy currently occupies third position in the world ranking (342.43 points) and is the best-ranked national team among those not yet qualified for the five-ring event. The 5 places still available will be assigned based on the world ranking, examined on June 23rd at the end of the VNL group stage. The Azzurri will make their debut in the Volleyball Nations League in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22-26 May) where they will find Germany, Iran, Japan and the hosts Brazil on their path. In the next stage they will be busy in Ottawa, Canada (6-9 June) to face France, United States, Cuba and Holland. In the third week of play, scheduled in Ljubljana, Slovenia (19-23 June), the men's national team will take the field against Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Turkey.

The Final 8 will be played in Lodz (Poland) from 27 to 30 June. This is the list of the blues. Setters: Paolo Porro, Marco Falaschi, Simone Giannelli (captain), Riccardo Sbertoli. Spikers: Francesco Sani, Alessandro Michieletto, Francesco Recine, Davide Gardini, Mattia Bottolo, Daniele Lavia, Tommaso Rinaldi, Giulio Magalini, Luca Porro. Centrals: Lorenzo Cortesia, Gianluca Galassi, Simone Anzani, Roberto Russo, Marco Vitelli, Edoardo Caneschi, Giovanni Sanguinetti, Leandro Mosca, Gabriele Di Martino. Opposites: Yuri Romanò, Fabrizio Gironi, Alessandro Bovolenta, Lorenzo Sala. Free: Fabio Balaso, Gabriele LaurenzanoDamiano Catania, Marco Gaggini.