Horses on the run in central London, 4 injured


By John

Four people were injured in the chaos caused by galloping horses in central London during rush hour. The army has confirmed that animals from a military regiment escaped “during a routine exercise” but have now been recovered. In photos and videos published on sites and social media, they can be seen two horses with saddles and bridles racing along busy streets, dodging buses and taxis. One of them, with white fur, has part of its neck and legs covered in blood.
Emergency workers said they were called at 8.25am to a person who had been thrown from a horse in Buckingham Palace Road. An eyewitness saw an army cavalryman thrown from his horse and injured, while an animal crashed into his car. Another horse crashed into a parked double-decker tour bus, breaking the windshield. Up to seven horses broke free, Britain's Press Association news agency reported, saying police had worked with the army to capture them.