Catanzaro Servizi will change its skin – Gazzetta del Sud


By John

An industrial plan not only to manage but also to plan and, above all, restore. It is the one in the home stretch for the municipal subsidiary company Catanzaro Services, about to be presented to the Municipality and the similar control committee. The definition of the details of a complex document which has probably never been created in this capacity until now and the necessary bureaucratic formalities have made it necessary to have a slight delay in the filing of the document signed by the sole director Gianluca Silipo.
The contents should be those already outlined in recent months, partly the result of the need to face a significant debt situation but also linked to a vision, shared with the municipal administration of Mayor Nicola Fiorita, aimed at a vigorous relaunch of the investee company . Sputting on the bandwagon clothes to wear those of the joint-stock company (even if in the hands of the sole shareholder) appears to be the mission of Catanzaro Servizi: less clerical activity linked to the offices of Palazzo De Nobili and greater operations in the area, with the provision of services that also lead to revenues. It is no coincidence that we are thinking of increasing the item relating to revenues, to activate that gear designed to increase the resources available to the company itself so as to also make it capable of proceeding with possible (sustainable) debt.