Catanzaro, terrible collision between two cars and a tank carrying LPG on state road 280: two injured


By John

A team of firefighters from the Catanzaro Command – headquarters – has been busy since around 5.30 pm on the SS280 towards Lamezia Terme between the junctions for Sarrottino and Settingiano.
Three vehicles were involved: a Ford car, a tanker used for the transport of LPG and an Audi A1 car. Following the impact, the latter overturned onto the road. Two injured people were entrusted to the Suem118 medical staff for treatment in the ambulances that arrived on site. The intervention of the firefighters resulted in the safety of the site and the vehicles. The SS280 towards Lamezia is closed to traffic, in the section affected by the accident with mandatory exit at the Caraffa junction.
Traffic police were on site to carry out their duties and Anas personnel to restore the normal safety conditions of the road.