Catanzaro, the administration coupon and those criteria still to be determined


By John

The European elections scheduled for 8 and 9 June will therefore have an impact on the regional capital. That is in fact the horizon indicated just a few days ago by the mayor Nicola Fiorita to start the overhaul of the administration in office from summer 2022, already subjected to a first review last year, with a reshuffle of the council, after the expansion of the majority perimeter with the entry of councilors elected from the ranks of the opposition in the area of Antonello Talerico. If on the one hand Fiorita had spoken of periodic checks on the work carried out by his administration, Talerico's entry into Forza Italia would have made the need for this new coupon more pressing which will contain administrative but also political evaluations, he was keen to point out Mayor. The yardstick will be the initial program, which will be accompanied by “our underlying values, which are non-negotiable”, Fiorita further underlined while reiterating that the administrative action will continue calmly in the meantime.
There is no precise timing yet. Last year it went on for weeks. It is known that the coupon will be started after the vote. So the results could have a direct influence on you. Each political party supports its own candidates and the final outcome will be translated in terms of electoral weight that each will then be able to spend within the administration but also within the parties themselves, whether they are majority or minority.

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