Catanzaro, the fourth edition of “You begin to make her love you” begins. From 22nd to 30th December shows for all tastes and ages THE PROGRAMME


By John

Everything is ready for the fourth edition of “You begin to make her love you”, the musical and cultural event, conceived and directed by Antonio Pascuzzo which will liven up the Christmas holidays of the city of Catanzaro with concerts and events that will take place in the period between 22nd and 30th December. After the success of the third edition, which in December 2022 was characterized, among many events, by the unforgettable concerts of Vinicio Capossela And Samuele Bersani in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and for original productions such as ″the Nakalaika″ and ″I have never kissed you″ – which received great public response -, the Municipal Administration led by the mayor Nicola Fiorita has chosen to focus again on the Vivodimusica format to color the Christmas of the people of Catanzaro with the aim of bringing back music, amazement and life, in the views, in the alleys, in the heart of the historic center, to rediscover its beauty and create moments of true sharing between all citizens. ″In designing the programming for this edition – explained Pascuzzo – we decided to continue the path traced last year: a mix of great free concerts and original productions that will showcase the virtues of many talented Catanzaro artists. The event will conclude, in fact, with the second edition of the Nakalaika, the evening procession which has the ambition of becoming a fixed appointment at Christmas in Catanzaro”.

Friday 22 December The OttoPiù they will rage through the historic center accompanying the people of Catanzaro among the shop windows of the center to the rhythm of funky and balkan.

Saturday 23 December music is in the heart of the nightlife, in Piazza La Russa with the concert of HiRinonot a Rino Gaetano cover band, but the one that with a historic concert in 1998 at the Verano in honor of the great singer-songwriter was able to generate interest in the artist, with thousands of exciting concerts throughout Italy.

Tuesday 26 December, after the success recorded in the last edition, due to popular demand, it will be proposed again show ″I have never kissed you″ interpreted by Claudia Olivadese, written by Franco Corapi and directed by Vincenzo Lazzaro. At Palazzo De Nobili, seat of the municipal administration, the production will be staged inspired by the story of a love “made of words never said and kisses never given” which in 19th century Catanzaro united, intensely and tragically, two young people, Rachele De Nobili And Saverio Marincola, belonging to two rival aristocratic families. Following at the Oratorio del Carmine a new (yet another) discovery of A Farla Amare: the very young Neapolitan musician and singer-songwriter Alessandra Tumolillowhich will enchant the attentive public who follows the event.

Wednesday 27 December it will be the turn of Hoodoo Doctors & The Kazoompet Machine for a journey to rediscover the history of the ‘ante litteram’ blues and an instrumentation made up of kazoo, banjo, mandolin and stompbox, a heritage of the poor proto-jazz tradition. The appointment is at 6pm in the Concert Hall of Palazzo De Nobili.

Thursday 28 December at 9pm ″I will become myself – the story″ will be staged, an intimate dialogue between music and words, between Ron – the author of extraordinary pearls of Italian song – and the journalist Cosimo Damiano Damato. Afterwards, at 11pm, the Oratory of the Church of the Rosary will host the Portuguese artist’s only Italian date Lula Penaa precious and evocative appointment with a fado queen.

Friday 29 December Villa Margherita will be the theater of a new format created by the production of A Make Her Love for children and families: ″The Sons and the Stars″. From 10am, visitors will be welcomed by the Dinamica del Controvento, curated by Teatro Necessario di Ravenna, “an installation made of iron, old books and demijohns, whose mechanism is conceived as one of the carousels of times gone by, but with an additional magical power: bringing classical music to the streets, squares, fairs, festivals and events in public spaces throughout Italy, involving and fascinating spectators of all ages.” A musical carousel, a piano that turns in mid-air driven by the melody of some famous songs that have made the history of music. Furthermore, the girls of the MŪ Theater – ″Enzo Corea″ Theater School they will stage some of the fairy tales best known and loved by the little ones. The evening will end with the concert of Alan Sorrenti.

Saturday 30 Decemberfor the final event of the exhibition, the production of “You begin to love her” will propose the second edition of ″The NaKaLaiKa″the evening procession starting from the monumental complex of San Giovanni and arriving in Villa Margherita, during which, surprisingly during the route, among the alleys of the historic center, they will perform Eman, Enzo Colacino, Antonio Pascuzzo, Claudia Olivadese, Ivan Colacino hey Blacks by Chance.