Catanzaro, the preliminary document of the Structural Plan will soon be on the table for political discussion


By John

The process is now underway and the administration of Palazzo De Nobili does not intend to allow any more time to pass before adopting the municipal structural plan. Hence also the choice not to overturn the draft created in past years, which last year had then remained “bogged down” in the last phase of the previous administration.
At the beginning of last July, in fact, the Fiorita Council indicated to the designers an act of direction to integrate with some programmatic lines the draft of the preliminary document which now (the 180 days from that date are underway) will have to arrive in Town Council.
The intention, never hidden, of the Urban Planning councilor Giusy Iemma is to try to move forward, compatibly with the timescale established by regional legislation, which is long but obviously aimed at keeping the cordons of territorial protection firmly in place. But it intends to move quickly without however neglecting what it feels is almost an emblem of “democratic participation”, i.e. the presentation to the political forces of the council “as an institutional courtesy” before any further stage – the professional associations will also be involved – and in particular before of the document’s arrival in the chamber, in order to acquire contributions – “which I hope”, he states – and any observations.