Luvumbo isn’t enough for Cagliari, Bologna turns it around in the 90th minute. Goalless draw between Udinese and Frosinone


By John

Bologna-Cagliari 2-1
NETWORKS: 22’pt Luvumbo, 14’st Zirkzee, 45’st Fabbian.
BOLOGNA (4-2-3-1): Skorupski 6; Posh 6 (39’st De Silvestri sv), Beikema 5.5, Lucumi 6.5, Kristiansen 7; Moro 6 (22’st Urbanski 6), Aebischer 6 (39’st El Azzouzi sv); Ndoye 5.5 (22’st Orsolini 5.5), Ferguson 6, Karlsson 6.5 (42’st Fabbian 7); Zirkzee 7. On the bench: Ravaglia, Gasperini, Bonifazi, Corazza, Calafiori. Coach: Thiago Motta 6.5.
CAGLIARI (4-4-2): Radunovic 5; Zappa 6 (22’st Oristanio 5.5), Dossena 6, Wieteska 6.5, Augello 6 (26’st Azzi 6); Nandez 6 (1’st Di Pardo 5), Makoumbou 6, Sulemana 6, Jankto 6 (22’st Deiola 6); Luvumbo 6.5, Petagna 6 (1st Shomurodov 5.5). On the bench: Aresti, Scuffet, Goldaniga, Viola, Prati, Obert. Coach: Ranieri 6.
REFEREE: Orsato di Schio 6.5.
NOTE: Approximately 23,000 spectators. In the 29th minute Orsolini missed a penalty by hitting the crossbar. Booked: Ferguson, Sulemana, Makoumbou. Corners: 5-2. Recovery time: 2′, 8′.

Claudio Ranieri and his Cagliari ensnare Bologna for an hour but the Bolognese manage to get out of it by equalizing Luvumbo’s goal with Zirkzee’s, they miss a penalty with Orsolini and at the end they find the 2-1 with the young Fabbian (2003), with the complicity of Radunovic, who makes Dell’Ara explode. A slingshot from Karlsson from 30 meters in the 6th minute that hits the top corner opens the match. Zirkzee is very good in the narrow area, he opens an opening but his shot is deflected for a corner. In the 21st minute Wieteska verticalizes, Beikema misses Luvombo who targets the Bolognese goalkeeper and, with a perfect left foot, slips into the opposite corner for the Sardinian lead. Frost falls at Dall’Ara. Two miracles from Radunovic (29′) on Karlsson and Zirkzee protected the 1-0 lead for the Sardinians, who closed every gap well. The first half thus ends with the hosts nervous and unable to attack the excellent Sardinian web. In the second half a quarter of an hour of nothing then Kristiansen for Zirkzee’s left foot and equalizer in the 14th minute. Thiago Motta’s men believe it and attack. (AGI)
Lucumì from 25 meters, Radunovic saves. Kristiansen breaks through to the left, cross to Ferguson, head and ball to the back. Bologna goes up. Kristiansen flies again on the left wing, Di Pardo puts an arm, Orsato points to the spot. From eleven metres, however, Orsolini hits the crossbar squarely. Sulemana, after an excellent move by Luvumbo, sends it high, wasting a golden opportunity. The Bologna frenzy slowly dies down, Cagliari exits at the end of the match. BOLOGNA always looks for a flash and in the 90th minute they find it: Kristiansen shoots, Radunovic misses the ball, Fabbian puts it in. Eight minutes of added time but the result no longer changes as Zirkzee’s second personal goal is canceled due to an earlier offside by Orsolini and Di Pardo’s shot (96′) ends up on the goal.

Udinese-Frosinone 0-0
UDINESE (3-5-2): Silvestri 6; Perez 6.5, Bijol 6.5, Kabasele 6; Ferreira 6 (17’st Ebosele 6), Samardzic 6.5 (34’st Quina 6), Walace 6.5, Lovric 6, Kamara 6.5 (17’st Zemura 5.5); Thauvin 5.5 (34’st Vivaldo Semedo 5.5), Lucca 5 (22’st Success 5.5). On the bench: Okoye, Malusà, Guessand, Zarraga, Akè, Camara, Kristensen, Pejicic, Nwachukwu. Coach: Sottil 6.
FROSINONE (4-3-3): Turati 6; Oyono 6.5, Monterisi 6, Romagnoli 5.5, Marchizza 6; Mazzitelli 5.5, Barrenechea 6 (35’st Case 5.5), Gelli 6; Soulè 6 (19′ st Baez 6), Cheddira 5.5 (35’st Cuni 5.5), Harroui 5.5 (46’st Garritano sv). On the bench: Frattali, Cerofolini, Brescianini, Okoli, Kaio Jorge, Kvernadze, Lusuardi. Coach: Di Francesco 6.
REFEREE: Guide to Torre Annunziata 5.
NOTE: clear day, pitch in good condition. Booked: Soulè, Thauvin, Baez, Kabasele. Angles: 3-5. Recovery time: 2′, 6′.

Udinese and Frosinone don’t hurt each other. In the match on Friulian soil, valid for the third day of the 2023/2024 Serie A championship, the two teams did not go beyond a 0-0 draw. By virtue of this result the Ciociari gain four points, while the Bianconeri have two. The yellow-blue team is the protagonist of a good start to the match, with a Soulè in great form, who hits the post sensationally in the 10th minute. Four minutes later, the home team showed up in the opponent’s half with Thauvin who, following Kamara’s cross, let loose a right-footed volley that was blocked by Turati with his feet. The former Marseille striker is the most active of Andrea Sottil’s men, so much so that in the 23rd minute he worries Turati again with a left foot fouled by a deflection. In the 27th minute Guida awarded a penalty to Frosinone for a foul by Ferreira on Gelli, but the VAR canceled it due to a previous offside by Mazzitelli. At the end of the first half, Udinese tried with greater conviction to score but, after two minutes of injury time, they returned to the locker rooms with the score 0-0. (AGI)
In the second half Guida conceded a penalty to the Friulians but, once again, after consulting the VAR, he revoked his decision. In the 50th minute, an own goal by Romagnoli gave the Bianconeri the lead, but VAR canceled it because the ball from Thauvin’s cross crossed the back line. The match is very exciting and there is no shortage of opportunities on both sides. Eusebio di Francesco’s boys try with the newly-entered Baez, who wreaks havoc in the opponent’s penalty area, while among the Friulians it is Success and Samardzic who make themselves dangerous in various situations. Despite running low on energy, Udinese and Frosinone tried everything to take home all that was at stake, however, at the end of six minutes of added time, they had to settle for a goalless draw.