Catanzaro, urban regeneration and reshuffle of Giunta. In the Chamber a test for the enlarged majority


By John

It won’t be a particular test but it will certainly provide useful elements for understanding the state of health of the “new” majority of Palazzo De Nobili. The municipal council convened by the president Gianmichele Bosco will in fact meet again on Monday at 2.30 pm (the next day at 2 pm in the eventual second call) to approve the rectification of the resolution of 8 May which approved the agreement for the use of the municipal stadium “Nicola Ceravolo” with the company US Catanzaro 1929 srl for the period 2023 2026; the other hot topic on the agenda will be the approval of the resolution for the exclusion of parts of the territory from the provisions of regional law 25 of 4 July 2022, concerning “Regulations for urban and territorial regeneration, redevelopment and reuse”; two other points relate to as many resolutions concerning off-balance-sheet debts.
The agreement, given the stringent timing that characterizes the rules of Serie B, should quickly pass the scrutiny of the Chamber. The urban planning issue is one that, in theory, could encounter some slowdown, even if the previous decision to withdraw the provision, last May, and the evaluation made in the following months in order to define a new proposal could lead to an approval broad. But urban planning is nonetheless a delicate issue, on which this year there were no shortage of “surprises” at the time of the vote.