Cell phones in prison in Cosenza, numerous phone calls targeted by prosecutors


By John

There are numerous phone calls that have ended up in the sights of the Cosenza Prosecutor's Office which were allegedly made and received by inmates of the “Sergio Cosmai” penitentiary. The investigators served 50 warrants, of which 49 to inmates in the prison and to one of their relatives. According to the prosecution – the investigation was entrusted to the prosecutor Domenico Frascino -, prisoners from October 2022 to September 2023 used cell phones with active SIM cards to communicate with the outside world. The investigations made it possible to ascertain that the detainees managed to obtain cell phones also thanks to the complicity of family members with whom they had made several phone calls. The communications with the outside would have taken place precisely in conjunction with anti-mafia operations and raids such as “Reset”, which on September 1, 2023 dealt a severe blow to the confederate clans of Cosentino.

Among those under investigation in the investigation into the use of cell phones there are also Ottavio Marincolaconsidered to belong to the Cirò clan; Mario Pranno, considered one of the bosses of Cosenza between the 80s and 90s; but also Nicola Campolongo, father of little Cocò brutally killed together with his grandfather and many others believed to belong to the Calabrian gangs. The investigative activity began after the Penitentiary Police found a small cell phone in the possession of an inmate in the «Cosmai» prison. From that moment on, investigations were launched which also made use of the support of innovative information technologies to intercept communications.