Centre-right united on the motion of no confidence in the mayor of Reggio Calabria


By John

«It is necessary to put the good of the city at the centre: we need a point that marks the end of this dying Administration, whose senseless choices show the repercussions on the citizens and on the entire city». This is supported by the center-right group leaders in the Municipality of Reggio Calabria who met after yesterday Forza Italia announced the presentation of a motion of no confidence in the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà. «A united action», is written in a note in which it is defined as «the only viable path, the motion of no confidence, pushing the majority groups Pd, Democrats and Progressives and Italia Viva, as well as clearly all the other political forces of the minority , to an awareness of the political situation”. «We must speed up the time needed to conclude this consiliatura, which no longer allows the city to be governable” conclude the group leaders of Fdi, Fi, Lega, Noi Moderati, Active Reggio and Minicucci mayor, respectivelyDemetrio Marino, Federico Milia, Giuseppe De Biasi, Saverio Anghelone, Roberto Vizzari And Guido Rulli.