Cosenza relies on the talent of Tutino


By John

First day of work for Cosenza. The rossoblù, after yesterday’s gathering in the city, will carry out a double training session today. At the helm will be Fabio Caserta, who remained in his position despite the intestinal upset following the defeat against Como on 26 December. The trust in Melito Porto Salvo’s coach appears in time. He will need a decisive turn in the restart to restore stability to his bench. To ward off criticism and find serenity, the Reggio coach will have to rely on his top men.
Leader Tutino. Cosenza’s salvation options pass through Gennaro Tutino. The striker is the technical and temperamental leader of the rossoblù. In the first part of the championship he scored five goals despite the amount of bad luck that affected his scoring numbers. The number nine has kicked 42 times towards the opponent’s goal so far, hitting the target on eleven occasions. A percentage of 26.2% which is heavily influenced by the 7 poles hit.
In recent weeks he has gained the lead in the Sila scorer rankings for the current season and now he will have another five months ahead of him to reach double figures again. Target failed in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. In the summer, the Neapolitan strongly wanted Cosenza in search of redemption after some passages with little glory. The Cosenza environment welcomed him with the same enthusiasm with which they had celebrated his exploits in the first year of Serie B of the Guarascio era. For his part, he reciprocated the affection on the pitch, never sparing his utmost commitment.
At 27, he has entered the mature phase of his career and knows that this is a very important year. Just as the cadetship is equally precious for the Sila players and, therefore, despite some transfer rumors that have emerged in recent days, he has no intention of being a turncoat. His bond with the city and the fans is profound and a few weeks ago came from the wedding with his Arianna, which took place in the Bruzio capital. Another gesture of strong symbolic value, considering that it occurred at a time when the championship was on pause.
Even in the return round he will guide the rest of his teammates to lead them towards the goal of staying. In the matches that ended 2023 against Parma, Bari and Como, he was more responsible for the absence of Francesco Forte in the starting eleven. When the championship resumes, a similar scene could happen again. Then confirming his role as a symbolic man in a group that needs its men with greater experience and mental strength to find themselves. He is certainly one of these, as Fabio Caserta also had the opportunity to underline in his last visit to the press room.
Tutino highlighted his personality in various circumstances and even in this complicated period he was among those who showed the greatest ability to manage the emotional difficulties resulting from the vertical collapse in the rankings. Cosenza relies on its messiah of the contemporary era.