Cetraro, Gruppo Misto's yes to “broad convergence”. The new executive is ready. Let's mention: happy for the reopening of the birth center


By John

On the initiative of the Mixed Group, the planned meeting was held in recent days with all the minority political forces, which, according to what was leaked from various quarters, would have expressed their full availability to achieve the desired “broad convergence”. This, as is now known, in order to overcome the current delicate political-administrative moment and reach the natural expiry of the consiliatura without any more problems.

One of the conditions posed by the Cetrara minority forces to the mixed group was that of the effective elimination of the delegations, as, moreover, announced by the mayor Ermanno Cennamo in recent days, from Parma, where he is currently due to well-known health problems. Furthermore, they also asked to start “all on an equal footing”, precisely to build a new project of broad convergence. At this point, further news is expected from the meeting that the same mixed group had last night with the delegation of the local Forza Italia club, which recently formed an autonomous group in the city council. In particular, after this meeting, a plenary meeting could be held, in order to verify whether, at that time, the compatibility will be respected and whether there will be an agreement that can allow us to all move forward together on this path. of emergency.

Meanwhile, on the expected front relating to the formation of the new executive and the new delegations to be assigned, from what we know, Mayor Cennamo is already ready. In fact, he would only wait to be able to proceed with the effective elimination of all delegations and the simultaneous launch of the new executive, with the precise desire to avoid a management void, which, considering the situation, would be detrimental. In practice, it is expected that certain news will arrive as early as this week. If, on the contrary, this does not happen, the prospects of future scenarios will be unpredictable.

In the end, the long-awaited and announced reopening of the birth center of the “Gino Iannelli” hospital in Cetrara took place, which took place, by will of all the actors involved, without an official ceremony. “The door of the department has been reopened after a long wait – commented Mayor Cennamo from Parma – Best wishes to the community of the Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​Cosenza; thanks to those who made all this possible.”