The Milazzo Refinery bets on security and energy transition


By John

Over 100 million investment in the current year. A plan that the Milazzo Refinery presented yesterday at the Sicindustria headquarters aimed at maintaining competitiveness through the use of resources for safety, the environment, reliability and optimization of the production cycle.
A plan that looks – as underlined by the company management – at “sustainable choices aimed at the energy transition and decarbonisation”.
Coordinated by the president of the industrialists, Pietro Franzathe general director took part in the proceedings Marcello Tarantinothe technical director, Fortunato Laganà, the personnel director, Antonino Minutoli. Both internal and related trade union organizations and entrepreneurs were present.
«In a panorama conditioned by well-known international conflicts and a highly unstable energy scenario – said Tarantino – Ram has demonstrated resilience, operational flexibility and propensity for innovation. Ingredients which, together with the high standards of safety and sustainability, have confirmed and fueled the trust of shareholders in the refinery and the people who work there. The topic of energy transition is certainly of primary interest for us. However, combining environmental sustainability, decarbonisation, employment, economic solidity and energy security is not simple, especially in a global panorama in which there is not yet a single energy source or technological solution, an alternative to fossil fuels, applicable to all traditional production systems and consumption. The transition is and will be progressive and the Refinery will not hesitate to seize all the opportunities that will become available over the years to improve the sustainability of its production cycle”.