Cinema&Opera, at work! The second Film Festival in Messina announced


By John

The first edition of the magazine ended just a few months ago with great success among the public and critics Messina Film Festival-Cinema&Opera and the organizational machine, with the artistic direction of Ninni Panzera, has already started up again. Sin fact, the dates of the 2024 edition have been announced, which will be held from 30 November to 7 December, again at the Sala Laudamo.
The rules of the short film competition, the section of the Festival that hosts contemporary creativity that competes with opera, have already been disclosed. In the first edition there were five finalists and the Jury chose “Con-divise” as the best short film, the work by Maria Francesca Monsù Scolaro, while the Special Prize went to “Othello 3.0” by Walter Corda.
Italian and international works are admitted to the competition, lasting a maximum of 15 minutes (including titles) in which there are stories inspired by operas, characters from operas or composers or which use music, choirs or arias taken from operas or which have a setting in an opera house. Given the extreme particularity of the competition theme, works that are not unpublished and therefore presented in other events are also admitted.
Compared to the last edition, the competition has also been extended to international short films, considering that the Festival has also landed on the FilmFreway platform which ensures the competition has important visibility abroad too.
From the day the platform opened to today, over three hundred short films have already been submitted to the Festival and some, national and international, have already been selected. It is possible to register your works by sending a link to the email address (email protected) or through the FilmFreway platform.
A growth in the visibility of the event even beyond the Italian borders, demonstrating the fact that the choice to combine cinema and opera is particularly appreciated: The Messina Film Festival is the only event to bring the two art forms together heritage of Italian culture.
The awards have been increased to three. In addition to the award for best short film and the Special Jury Award, the award for best interpretation was also established.
On the occasion of the disclosure of the short film regulation, the new artwork of the event was also released which presents the image of the actress Viviane Romance in a famous photo taken from the film «Carmen» by Christian-Jaque, from 1942, with a graphic elaboration and chromatic by Francesca Fulci.
The Messina Film Festival – Cinema&Opera is produced by the La Zattera dell'Arte Association, the EAR Teatro di Messina, the Sicilian Region Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment and the Municipality of Messina.