Reggio, the new play area on the Pellaro seafront vandalised


By John

A building was vandalized in Pellaroplay area under construction near the Naval League on Lungomare Latella. Unknown persons damaged some rides and defaced the walls and floors. This is an area, desired by the Falcomatà Administration, which hosts children's games, with a part intended for dog walking, with a view to an intervention that aims to give new decorum to the area. The city councilor with responsibility for Parks and Gardens intervened on the facts Massimiliano Merenda.

«Unfortunately, once again, we have to record an unpleasant event in a peripheral area of ​​the city that is very dear to us – explained Merenda – Pellaro has the same value as the city center for the municipal administration. In redeveloping a place that was in absolute disrepair, we must note that, although the work is not completed, even though the construction site fences are in place, unknown persons entered and, in addition to vandalizing the games, they dirtied the walls and flooring with abusive writings” .

«We are outraged by this act, also because those who are affected in these cases are the children. Therefore – concluded Merenda – we asked the municipal offices to file a complaint at the local police station. The hope is that such acts will never be repeated again as it involves damage to the common heritage.”