Messina, Gabry Ponte inaugurates Christmas in Piazza Duomo. Here is the road plan


By John

It is a sort of appetizer, waiting for the main course scheduled for Thursday 28th, when Pooh will take the stage in Piazza Duomo. But often the appetizers are so succulent that they make you feel full. Tonight at 9pm Gabry Ponte will inaugurate the winter season of major events in Piazza Duomowhich will then continue on December 31st with the New Year’s Eve evening and will end on January 4th with the Teatro del Fuoco.
It will be an evening of dance music (probably with a… Christmas touch): Gabry Ponte, we remember, at the end of the nineties was a member of the Eiffel 65, with whom he sold over ten million records worldwide and released the famous single Blue (Da Ba Dee). So he chose to embark on the solo path, he founded and still manages an independent record company and for more than twenty years now he has been making all of Italy dance, also alternating prestigious collaborations (among others, Zucchero, Jovanotti, Eros Ramazzotti , Elisa, Marracash, Amii Stewart).
Obviously, a detailed road plan is expected. A parking ban is established, with forced removal, from 3pm to 2am, and a transit ban from 6pm to 2am on the 29th in these streets: southern side street of Piazza Duomo, between Via Università and Corso Cavour; via Università, between via della Zecca and the southern side street of Piazza Duomo; via Giacomo Venezian, between via della Zecca and the southern side street of Piazza Duomo; Corso Cavour, between Via San Camillo and Via della Zecca, with a ban on the reserved lane of Corso Cavour itself at the intersection with Via Tommaso Cannizzaro; the space intended for the bus stop at the western edge of Piazza Duomo; via Loggia dei Mercanti, between via Colombo and corso Cavour; via Colombo, between Consolato del Mare and Loggia dei Mercanti streets; via Cesare Battisti, between via della Zecca and via Garibaldi; via Primo Settembre, between via Cesare Battisti and via Garibaldi.
Anti-crash barriers will be positioned (with buses or other vehicles of the investee companies) in Corso Cavour, at the intersections with via della Zecca and piazzaq Antonello, and in via Cesare Battisti, at the intersections with via della Zecca and via Garibaldi. Parking areas reserved for coaches are provided (with a ban on private cars): in via Garibaldi, sea side, between via Primo Settembre and viale Boccetta; in the Overpass car park; in via Orso Corbino (Zir), between via Fermi and via Bonsignore. No parking or transit in Via Oratorio San Francesco, between Via XXIV Maggio and Corso Cavour, to allow parking only for mopeds and motorcycles. Finally, all the structures that occupy the ground in the pedestrian area of ​​Piazza Duomo (dehors, tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc.) will have to be removed.