There is always a second half, between sport… and healthcare. At the Opi the presentation of the book “Il calciotore incata” by Vittorio Scarpelli


By John

There’s always the second half. In sport, of course, but also in life: there is always the second half to be able to recover, even if sometimes the first was so ungenerous and difficult as to make that mountain to climb almost impossible. You have to try, rolling up your hands like the protagonist (protagonists) of the book “Second half – the player stuck”Talos editions – the journalist’s first work Vittorio Scarpelli. A text that made its way through the intricacies of the Covid-19 health emergency, written during the post-hospitalization convalescence phase experienced by the author. And about that the production rights will be entirely donated to the Pneumology Department of the “Annunziata” hospital in Cosenza.

Wednesday 18 October, at 6pmthe author of the book will explain the reasons that led him to try his hand at this story of sport that gives off contrasting “perfumes”: from failure to redemption, passing through discouragement, fear and pride.

Location chosen for the penultimate presentation of “Second half – the framed footballer” the headquarters of the Opi (Order of Nursing Professions) of Cosenza (via Antonio Scopelliti 61).

During the meeting, moderated by the journalist and member of the “Maria Rosaria Sessa” press club (who has embraced the cause since the book’s release) Francesco Mannarinothey will discuss with the author: the president of the Cosenza Opi, Fausto Sposato and the nurse Christian Coppolinorepresentatives of a group that has experienced the drama of the pandemic in the front row and that, on a daily basis, finds itself facing health emergencies and constraints that compromise – on the one hand – the right to work (of white coats) – on the other – the right to health (of patients).

At the end of the presentation, a small reception will be held.

The story of “Second half – the framed footballer”

Matteo Gemma is predestined. Of those who recognize themselves at the first control of the ball. «He will become a champion, there is no doubt». The definition “genius and recklessness” alone is not enough. There is more. He carries with him some sort of curse. What the field gives himoffers, takes away his life. Then that damned penalty kicked in the World Cup final: the beginning of the end. And the very serious accusation of being involved in football betting. Domenico Sàngria (Sangrìa, for the more careless) is a dreamer. Always an aspiring journalist, switchboard operator in real life. Destined to a flat existence, full of senseless days, almost as if the sun would never rise on his planet. Until the phone call that changes his existence. A scoop offered on a silver platter: he can start chasing a dream again. His dream. But something goes wrong.