Closing of the Limina tunnel, meeting in the citadel between the Calabria Region, Anas and the mayors


By John

The operational phase of the modernization works of the Limina tunnel comes to life, along the Ionian-Tyrrhenian Great Communication Road

In fact, an operational meeting with Anas took place today at the Cittadella to illustrate the intervention plan for the works on the Limina and Torbido tunnels.

At the discussion table the Calabria Region with the councilor for work Giovanni Calabreserepresenting President Occhiuto, the general director of the Public Works Department, Claudio Moroni, a delegation of mayors from Locride and Piana, the head of the Anas department, Francesco Caporaso.

As already guaranteed by the Region, also following discussions with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the tunnel will only be closed at night, from 10pm to 6am.

In any case – it was specified during the meeting – traffic will always be guaranteed for emergency vehicles to protect the territory and citizens.

The works, compatibly with the latest technical requirements, will begin in April, will last approximately 18 months and, in the meantime, action will be taken to review and re-evaluate the alternative route of the Limina-Mammola Sp5.

Calabrese expressed satisfaction with the synergy work that avoided the total closure of the road, with drastic consequences that would have caused isolation and created inconvenience to the area.

At the end of the meeting, in reiterating the total commitment of the Region and its President, who had already announced that the intervention to double the Limina tunnel is in the planning phase, the Calabrese councilor guaranteed a permanent discussion table between the parties to follow the progress of the work, pay attention and give indications on any critical issues.