Conflict in the Middle East: bloody raid in the West Bank: two dead and seven injured. The body of the hostage soldier found


By John

Palestinian sources in the West Bank city of Jenin say two people were killed and seven wounded during an Israeli military operation in the early hours of today. The local media reported it.
According to the report, some people were injured in an airstrike and others by gunfire. Two of the injured were in serious condition. Reports also claim that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) surrounded the city’s Ibn Sina hospital. The Israeli army arrested two paramedics and ordered the evacuation of the hospital, reports the Palestinian news agency Wafa. The IDF surrounded the hospital on all sides and searched the ambulances, according to Palestinian sources.

The body of the hostage soldier found

The body of soldier Noa Marciano, kidnapped by Hamas in the Nahal Oz base on 7 October, was found in a structure adjacent to the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. The military spokesman made this known. Of Marciano (19 years old), Hamas last Monday released a video – taken 4 days after her kidnapping – which said who she was and whose daughter she was. At a certain point, the video stopped and her body appeared. Yesterday, the body of another female hostage kidnapped by Hamas was recovered, again near the Shifa hospital.