Press review 23-11-2023 Calabria editions


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today

Electrification of the Crotone-Catanzaro railway line, doubts about the extension up to Melito Porto Salvo

Alarm in Catanzaro: there is too much concrete in the city, stop land consumption
Violence against women in the Catanzaro area, cases on the rise: 19 arrests and 221 complaints
Vallefiorita, picks up her daughter from school and the thieves burgle her house in a few minutes
Drug dealing in the historic center of Crotone in the hands of “an organized structure”: drug sales methods reconstructed
Pizzo, safety on the former Ss 522: the “recall” to the company arrives

Asp Cosenza, convincing accounting forecasts: after years of resounding failures, a budget (2024 estimate) passes the supervisory exam
He throws stones at passers-by, panic in the Corigliano Scalo area: a woman with a child in her arms injured
Waste trafficking in the capital, Sibari entrepreneur Giuseppe Borrelli under investigation THE OTHER NAMES

Once in Reggio, the team cannot be found: and it’s not the fault of the Democratic Party…
Epidemiological studies, Reggio’s healthcare system is leading the way
Operation “Garden” in Reggio: the DDA searches the mobile phone memories of 36 suspects
Mice at the “Caminiti” middle school: the Villa San Giovanni center closed
Infrastructure in Locride, pressure is on for the completion of State Road 106