Tragic accident in Furci Siculo, a 66-year-old from Savoca dies


By John

Accident with one victim this afternoon in the municipality of Furci Siculo. An off-road vehicle that was traveling along a dirt road above the hamlet of Artale fell into a ravine, sliding for tens of meters towards the valley and there was nothing the driver could do. The victim is Carmelo Taurino, 66 years old from Savoca, who was in Artale for a hunting trip with a friend. The latter was at his side when the vehicle went off the road and he managed to get back in and ask for help: two 118 ambulances, the Carabinieri of the Taormina Company, the local police of Furci Siculo and the Fire Brigade of the Letojanni Detachment. The injured passenger was taken to hospital for checks. According to an initial reconstruction, the victim fell ill while driving the off-road vehicle and lost control of it.