Conflict in the Middle East, terrorist “cells” hit in Syria. Diaspora started from Gaza City


By John

Israeli warplanes hit “terrorist infrastructure” in Syria following attack from that territory towards the Israeli-annexed part of the Golan Heights. The Israeli army announced it. “In response to the attack on the Golan Heights yesterday,” the army said in a brief statement, “fighter planes struck terrorist infrastructure in Syria.”

The diaspora from Gaza City

Around 200,000 residents of Gaza City have left the city in the last three days alone, suggesting that Hamas is losing control over the northern part of the Strip. Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari reported this in a press conference. This was reported by Tass.
«Many people have left in recent days because Hamas has lost control of the northern Gaza Strip. Nearly 200,000 people have left in the last three days alone.” The spokesman said the civilian population was leaving the northern part of the Strip “contrary to the instructions” of Hamas, which, according to the Israeli army, uses civilians as human shields.