Reggio, fifteen mayors of Grecanica to Minister Salvini: “New 106 or we are dead”


By John

Appeal to the Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini for the modernization and compliance of State Road 106 also in the section that crosses the Grecanica area. Launched by “Assocomuni Grecanica” it is signed by fifteen mayors: Pierpaolo Zavettieri (Roghudi), Giovanni Verduci (Motta San Giovanni), Maria Foti (Montebello Jonico), Salvatore Orlando (Melito), Holy Monorch (Bagaladi), Daniela Arfuso (Cardeto), Domenico Penna (Greek Stronghold), Filippo Paino (Condofuri), Saverio Zavettieri (Bova Marina), Santo Casile (Bova), Umberto Nocera (Palizzi), Silvestro Garoffolo (Brancaleone), Giovanna Pellicanò (Staiti), Giuseppe Cuzzola (Bruzzano Zeffirio) e Domenico Pizzi (Ferruzzano). «The battle for a new 106 – states Pierpaolo Zavettieri – cannot be won in isolation, but must be conducted with all the local institutions, the economic and social forces and the populations from Reggio to Taranto in order to sensitize the national ruling class on the reasons for strategic nature of the infrastructure”.