Conte (M5S) stokes the fire on August 15th: “Meloni speaks but does not solve problems…”


By John

«Yesterday I read three interviews by Meloni and not even a solution to the problems of the Italians. From low salaries to landings that have more than doubled since he has been in government, from the high cost of living to delays and cuts in spending on the Pnrr which is the future of the suburbs, of our healthcare, of infrastructure. We cannot stand by and watch: it is necessary to counter the sweetened story of a prime minister who doesn’t have a shred of idea to change the country. This is why today I felt the need to respond to those three interviews in the same newspapers: Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Stampa». Giuseppe Conte explains it on Facebookì «Among the nonsense that we have had to read, there is the complaint of the president Meloni with the opposition because we have not yet indicated where to get the money to facilitate the entrepreneurs who will have to increase their salaries with the rule on the minimum wage. As I already answered during the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, if you don’t know which choices to make and how to make them, we can write the next budget law », she adds.

«We – resumes the M5s president – are really ‘ready’ and have clear ideas on this as on other issues. Certainly we will not receive the applause of some bureaucrat in Brussels, as you do. However, we know how to face three budget maneuvers head on and get the GDP off the ground as success thanks to our measures before Meloni & co. would begin to pull the handbrake on Italy”.
«They can follow our recipes like on bank extra profits, but without wasting five months of time and writing the rule wrong. Let’s start with a serious fight against tax evasion and the extra profits of those who have speculated on the emergencies of war and the pandemic in the war, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors. Another thing: Meloni – she still says – cannot give lessons on how to fight poor work, she who canceled the Citizenship Income for those who are already working but took it as a supplement to very low wages. The latter weren’t on the sofa, but the exponents of a government that for months hasn’t worked at all to offer a shred of solution to those in difficulty.
«We must respond to a president who has no ideas, proposals and vision by showing another country. The real one », concludes Conte.