59th Ferpi budget Oscar: the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce among the 3 finalists in Italy


By John

The awards ceremony for the 59th budget Oscar was held yesterday, December 15, in Milan, at the Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, organized by FERPI-Federation of Italian Public Relations, Italian Stock Exchange and Bocconi University to promote the culture of transparency and sustainability, the shared value of reporting.

The Jury, chaired by the Rector of Bocconi University, Prof. Billari, having examined the financial statements of the participating companies and institutions, declared finalists and winners for each of the 14 categories of the 59th Financial Statement Oscar (large listed companies, large unlisted companies, medium and small listed companies, medium and small unlisted companies, financial companies, benefit companies, public institutions and representative associations, disbursement foundations, social enterprises and non-profit associations, special communication award, special non-financial declaration award, special integrated reporting award, special Generation Z award).

The Cosenza Chamber of Commerce was among the three finalists of the award for the Public Institutions and Representative Associations category, later won by the Municipality of Bologna.

The President of the Chamber, Klaus Algieri, expressed his satisfaction because “having arrived among the finalists of the Financial Statement Oscar constitutes a third and qualified recognition for the way in which the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce reports the results of its action, for its transparency and, above all, for how it works as a system with its stakeholders to produce shared value for the companies it represents and the territory. A recognition that adds to the others obtained by the Chamber and that change the old stereotypical story of the South: economic development passes through the awareness of a South of opportunities, competition and excellence.”