Corigliano Rossano, Bastavictime106 asks for the restoration of the guardrail on the Santa Lucia roundabout


By John

The Volunteer Organization “Basta Vittime Sulla Strada Statale 106” announces that it has forwarded a report in which it highlights the serious situation of insistent danger in the stretch of the SS 106 of the Municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, at kilometer 15+800 near the Sanata Lucia roundabout.

Here, around 2.30 am on the night between Monday 4 March and Tuesday 5 March 2024, a Ford Puma car, for reasons still being ascertained, skidded, ending its run against the guardrail, effectively destroying the barrier of protection. The latter, in fact, prevented the car from leaving the road, but following the accident it now appears completely inadequate to contain any other spills, representing a potential danger for road users. Furthermore, in the accident, the car knocked down one of the roundabout lighting poles, causing a further disruption in terms of safety in the area.

Following the accident, Anas Spa intervened by allocating completely empty plastic New Jerseys placed on the side of the road on the roundabout, along the area where the guardrail was destroyed. It is clear, however, that these do not guarantee an adequate safety measure should what already happened on the night of March 5, 2024 happen again. Furthermore, even today, the destroyed lighting pole has not been repaired.

Enough Victims on State Road 106, finally, in underlining that the intervention is essential not only for the safety of road users, many of whom travel along State Road 106 at the roundabout, he invited Anas Spa to intervene to resolve with the the problem as promptly as possible.

Also for this reason, the sending of the report was forwarded to protect Anas itself because, if a further road accident were to occur at that point and vehicles were to fall into the river bed or, even worse, hit a pedestrian, the The managing body will be co-responsible and will have to answer for it.