Corigliano Rossano, the center-right has chosen Straface. Now the Action issue remains


By John

Now that “the die has been cast” as the Latins used to say, in the sense that the decision has now been made regarding the candidate for mayor of the Centre-right – the coalition that governs the Nation, the Region and the Province – questions remain about the behavior of Actiona party that collaborates closely with the Governor of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, through the important figure of the regional councilor, Giuseppe Graziano, party commissioner of Calenda di Corigliano Rossano. Taking into account that yesterday there followed frenetic hours for Senator Rapani's invitation to journalists to announce, from his high position, the candidate for mayor Pasqualina Strafacethere is the unknown now that, with the indication of the strong candidate of the other centre-right parties, the candidate for mayor of Action, Mattia Salimbeni, indicated by the commissioner, together with the movements, “Corigliano Rossano Domani” and “The Courage to Change Italy, is significantly weakened on an electoral level. There are many, therefore, who think that in the end, the young candidate for mayor of Action can take a step back, also considering that, based on the relationships formed in recent years by Graziano with the centre-right that governs the Region, the choice of the new center-right candidate for mayor could induce the same followers of the regional leader of the Calenda party to support the latter. A hypothesis that seems unlikely to be feasible given that Salimbeni, with his grace and perseverance in placing himself in opposition to the mayor Flavio Stasi, has already made his first public appearance despite being aware that the regional government coalition would have indicated a own candidate, when Graziano broke away from that alliance with his candidacy.