Cosenza, beats his partner in front of their children and breaks two of her teeth: a 42-year-old arrested


By John

He is accused of having threatened to kill and attacked his partner he then punched her in the face, causing her to break two front teeth. A forty-two year old was arrested in Cosenza by the State Police on charges of domestic abuse, aggravated by the fact that the violence, repeated over time, allegedly occurred in the presence of their minor children. The measure was carried out at the conclusion of the investigations carried out, with the coordination of the Cosenza Prosecutor’s Office and started after the complaint presented by the victim last January. In particular, the woman said that from the beginning of her relationship with the forty-two-year-old she had been the victim of violence, not only verbal but also physical attacks, culminating in her partner’s previous arrests. Dfter the last violent episode, which occurred for trivial reasons in the first few days of the year, the alleged torturer continued to rail against the victim who still managed to get away from him and go to the police station to file a complaint. Subsequently, the woman also left their home to take refuge in her parents’ house without however avoiding being bombarded with continuous threatening messages sent via the WhatsApp social application. After the arrest, the man was taken to prison.