Cosenza, Big Mama opens the Invasions Festival on July 19th


By John

BigMama, Shari, NAIP, Alborosie & Shengen Clan, Moses, Marina Rei, Carmen Consoli, Rosa Chemical (open act Queen of Saba), Diaframma: these are the national and international artists who will grace the stage of the Festival delle Invasioni 2024. The historic event, born in Cosenza in 1998, will take place from 19 to 27 July and will invade the entire city of Cosenza with cultural, musical and theatrical events, activities related to sports, wellness, exhibitions and much more. The festival was born from the idea of ​​telling different artistic languages, designed for an inclusive city, with a look that integrates, welcomes and does not exclude.

«Today – said the mayor Franz Caruso at the opening of the press conference held in the reception room of Palazzo dei Bruzi – we reveal a path and propose to the city an Invasion Festival linked this year to a philosophy that is not an idea put into play in an extemporaneous manner. This year Invasions is the result of a reasoned philosophy that is also linked to the latest initiatives that our city has hosted, such as the colorful and rainbow world of ‘Cosenza Pride 2024’. Cosenza is the city of rights and ‘Invasions’ represents that philosophy of an inclusive city and, to stick to the chosen claim, that widespread gaze that does not exclude, but includes, that integrates and does not marginalize, because the city belongs to everyone”.

«And this starting point – the mayor was keen to point out – is also reflected in the artistic choices, which are also not casual, because all the artists who make up this important programme have a story behind them and are bearers of particular experiences in the field of rights». The mayor then recalled that the entire theatrical section of “Invasioni” (7 shows in total) is dedicated to Franco Dionesalvi And Antonello Antonantewho disappeared on the same day, July 6th two years ago, and who played a fundamental role in the conception of «Invasioni». Various places in the city will be involved, from Piazza XV Marzo to Piazza Duomo, to the open-air theatre of the Cinema A. Tieri for the theatre festival, to Corso Telesio, to Villa Vecchia and many other places in the historic centre. All events are free.

“It will be a festival – said the artistic director of the festival Gianluigi Fabiano – which will live in different places of the city’s identity and will host various cultural initiatives. We accepted the mayor’s request by giving life to a heterogeneous project, with a thousand nuances, which wants to tell different views and cultures». The festival will open its doors on July 19 with the inauguration at the Casa delle Culture of the photographic exhibition “Sguardi sulla città”, curated by Francesco Arena. Also the protagonist of the first day Sergio Crocco which will give the city of Cosenza one of its most successful shows, «Le Lavannare». In the evening, there will be music with the first line-up of the Festival: BigMama, Shari and NAIP will be on the stage in Piazza XV Marzo.