Rinascita Scott trial, DDA presents appeal: decisions challenged for 67 defendants


By John

The Catanzaro DDA has filed an appeal against 67 people already judged, in the first instance, in the “Rinascita Scott” trial against the Vibo Valentia clans concluded on November 20th in the bunker courtroom of Lamezia Terme with the conviction of 207 of the 338 defendants and 131 acquittals.

The appeal against the sentence issued by the Court of Vibo Valentia (President Brigida Cavasino)) was signed by the acting Attorney General, Vincenzo Capomollaand by the deputy prosecutors Antonio De Bernardo and Annamaria Frustaci.

Among the people for whom a second degree trial has been requested are former Forza Italia MP and criminal lawyer Giancarlo Pittellisentenced to 11 years in prison for external association with a mafia organization. For Pittelli, the prosecution had requested 17 years.

The appeal request was also made for the lieutenant colonel of the Carabinieri George Nasellisentenced to 2 years and 6 months for revealing investigative secrets to Pittelli; for the former regional councilor Peter Giamborinosentenced to one year and six months for illicit influence peddling against a request for 20 years for mafia association, and for the former mayor of Pizzo and former president of Anci Calabria Gianluca Callipo, for whom the Court ordered acquittal.

Callipo had been asked for an 18-year prison sentence for external association with the mafia. A reform of the sentence was also requested for the alleged ‘ndrangheta boss Saverio Razionale, sentenced to 30 years but not for all the crimes he was accused of. The acquittal of Luigi Incarnato, a former regional councilor, a socialist, for whom the prosecution had asked for a sentence of one year and six months, has become definitive. In fact, the DDA has not filed an appeal for Incarnato