Cosenza, Camporese shock: «Now eight finals await us»


By John

The stop to erase the bad moment by starting again with new energy. The rossoblù defender Michele Camporese spoke of “eight finals” during yesterday morning's press conference. The Tirrenia centre-back did not hide: «With Brescia we want to resume the interrupted path and return to victory. The team is determined, we are all aware of the importance of the next match, just as we are aware of the fact that they will try to avenge last year's playout, which gave Cosenza the positive turning point.”

The defender is still bitter about the first 20 minutes of the “Liberati”: «They were unacceptable because we had never gone through this difficulty. We suffered aggression and couldn't get going again. This means that we have to work hard to avoid repeating those mistakes. No similar blackouts had occurred in the other games. In Parma we stayed in the match for the entire match. The same thing happened with Catanzaro and Sampdoria too. Pereiro's goal? It is not easy to give explanations for every goal scored. We could have cashed it earlier but it arrived at that time. Unfortunately there is little we can do about it, football is made up of episodes. Micai probably only saw the shot go at the last minute. It's a shame because we started playing again.”

The match against Cittadella, a goalless draw, led to a change on the bench: «Caserta's dismissal is a failure for everyone. It caught us a bit by surprise, we didn't expect it but it's the company's decision. In these cases, you try to give a shake but I haven't seen any flattening. However, he remains a very valid coach and a very good person.”

The five games without a win have caused Cosenza to fall to the bottom, Camporese remains confident in the quality of the team: «I believe that this group can aspire to something more prestigious than salvation because it has quality. At this moment, however, thinking of something else would be a huge mistake. We must remain united to win those ten points which in my opinion should guarantee us remaining in Serie B.”

The bad offensive numbers weighed on the decline: «We are encountering some difficulties in terms of scoring. We had the chance to do it but we haven't been able to throw it in since Parma. Tutino's absence certainly also had an impact because for us he is a precious element but we have to work and improve this situation.”

The defender has always remained on the pitch in recent months. The hesitations about his physical condition have been totally forgotten: «Last season, almost at the end, I suffered a bad injury. He limited me so I understand the doubts about my physical state. When I arrived in Cosenza, however, I just needed to get into the rhythm of the match. Now I'm good.”