Teatri di Naso, “Pèriplo” by and with Gaspare Balsamo opens the program of contemporary dramaturgy


By John

«“Pèriplo (Buttitta Chisciotte Colapesce)” it is the narration in the form of cunto, song and music of a journey in the Mediterranean, coast to coast, as were the itineraries of the ancient circumnavigations. Between the shores of quixotic comedy and those of the poetry of Buttitta the ancient legend of the famous is evoked Colapesce. Own Cervantes, the author of Quixotementions the famous swimmer in his monumental work, calling him Pescecola, and Buttitta wrote his theatrical text in the last years of his life “Colafish”».

So does production Etnea musical association presents the show by and with Gaspare BalsamoThat Sunday 24 March (6pm) will inaugurate the contemporary drama programme “Theatres of Naso” In the Vittorio Alfieri theatre of Naso (Messina). Wanted by the Nebroid Municipality administration led by the mayor Gaetano Nanithe series of shows is organized by the cultural association “The Castle of Sancho Panza”with the artistic direction of Roberto Zorn Bonaventura. “Pèriplo” is accompanied by the music of Giovanni Arenawho will perform them live on the double bass.

«Colapesce – says Balsamo, one of the most famous Sicilian cuntisti – in this show never speaks, only at the end he sings because Colapesce is only a myth. He is not a character, he is not a character but he is just the projection of a perfect sacrifice. The voice in the show is often that of Don Quixote and Sancho the faithful squire.”

The programme, which includes seven shows from March to December, will continue on 28 April with “Occam's Razor” by Giusi Arimatea and Giovanni Maria Currò, with Alessio Bonaffini, Tino Calabrò and Mauro Failla.

With “Spring for girls and boys”there will also be three shows for the little ones: “Hello!” (in English) on April 7; “Little myths of the sea” on April 21st and “The crafty tailor” on May 26th.

“Teatri di Naso” benefits from the support of LatitudesSicilian drama network, of the collaboration of Pro Loco of Nasoof the technical direction of Stefano Barbagallo and the graphics of Riccardo Bonaventura.