Cosenza council, a reshuffle likely: mayor Caruso is reflecting


By John

There are rumors of a reshuffle in the license plate council Franz Caruso. Only rumors at the moment, which could translate into concrete facts in the next few days or weeks. Approximately two years before the polls, therefore, a overhaul of the administrative machinery appears desirable.
Small measures, in any case, to relaunch the institutional action at Palazzo dei Bruzi, so as to give the right acceleration to the electoral program drawn up by the mayor at the time he decided to take the field.
An almost physiological step, like taking the car to the mechanic for an inspection. The fact is that the centre-left coalition, apart from some disagreements or discontent, appears quite solid, led by the PD group and by the lists directly linked to the mayor, which also includes exponents of Italia Viva e Azione, obviously the socialists, as well as the civic movements. An extended family, therefore, born close to the vote and with which the tenant of the Town Hall often interacts.
In the event of a mini-reshuffle, in fact, every decision would be made in a collegial manner, through the involvement of all the majority parties and the political forces that supported Franz Caruso’s candidacy.