Loredana Bertè condemns gang violence from the stage of the Varia di Palmi: “I myself was raped by a bastard when I was 16 years old”


By John

He had already denounced it in the past, he reiterated it forcefully from the stage of the Varia of Palmi. Loredana Bertè she takes matters further after the gang violence suffered by a 19-year-old in Palermo and returns to talk about the episode that concerned her when, at 16, she was prey to a brute. A concept that she shouts from the stage and holds with strength and determination, combining it with the slogan of the moment: #iononsonocarne. «I was also the victim of a bastard who raped me, beat me to death and left me on a fucking street in Turin. Every six hours a femicide, not to mention the abuse. That’s why I stopped being silent.”