ASC Swell 2024, record-breaking event. Between football, fitness and padel more than 2000 attendances at Steccato di Cutro


By John

Time for greetings, thanks and emotions for an eighth edition which confirmed all the premises and ambitions of the day before. In an atmosphere of great fun and full of smiles, the curtain falls on the ASC Swell 2024.

They were four intense days from every point of view which highlighted, once again, the importance of an event that has become a fixed appointment for thousands of people, associations and sports clubs. The “Serene Resortof Steccato di Cutro it was the setting for an event capable of making the link between sport, physical well-being and entertainment unique.

Hand in hand with all this, then, there was no lack of competitive spirit which found maximum expression in the “Swell Padel Cup” and in the engaging youth football tournament which saw hundreds of kids from multiple categories take to the field. But, as mentioned, it is not just sport that characterizes the ASC Swell.

In fact, the three evenings spent in the name of entertainment and fun should not be forgotten. Musical and dance performances, live music and moments of aggregation accompanied the shows of the prestigious guests present for this eighth edition. Thanks to the masterful management on stage of the couple of presenters Michelangelo Marino and Vicky Catalano, two great comedians at national level performed. Max Cavallari he embellished the second evening by making people laugh but also emotional by retracing his career in duo of “Prickly Pears”. Then it was up to Holy Palumbo take on the role of guest in the “ASC Grand Gala” on the third evening. The latter, however, gave a significant contribution to the eighth edition also in the role of host and artistic director. On the musical front, Swell 2024 was able to enjoy the performances of Giuseppe De Lorenzo on sax and Joe Pugliese

Confirming the great efforts of the organizing team put in place again this year, there was no shortage the presence and support of Luca Stevanato, ASC National President: “The nature of sport pushes you, constantly, to improve and raise the bar towards greater goals. This year the Swell has expanded the number of disciplines even further, demonstrating how important it is to be able to offer different opportunities to approach sport and experience it in a professional and fun way. These events become attractive centers at a national level and can combine the sporting sphere with the recreational and cultural one. In a difficult historical period like the one we are facing and full of changes, sports promotion bodies want to be a point of reference, help and support for clubs and associations. The Swell, then, also represents an opportunity to network by bringing together the different souls of the world of sport on and off the pitch”.

Important words that send an extremely positive signal for the near future. Before looking forward to next year, however, it is time to take stock at ASC Reggio Calabria. The extremely positive outcome of this eighth edition represents a point of arrival but also of relaunch in the direction traced by the organizers. On this wavelength, there is so much pride in the words of Antonio Eraclini: “The strength of the Swell is to make sport and aggregation coexist on the same level. I have to thank the whole team who, again this year, worked for the eighth edition, from the setup staff to the organizing team up to the technicians and instructors. Our numbers are confirmed as very important considering that this is not an event that takes place in the middle of summer. This year all the provinces of Calabria, Sicily, Campania and Lazio were involved. Broadening its scope, the Swell is becoming the reference sporting event for the month of June. For next season we have many new features and new disciplines in store”.

Domenico Catalano is also on the same wavelength: “First of all I want to thank all the staff, over thirty people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the whole event perfect. The Swell confirms itself as one of the main sporting events in southern Italy as demonstrated last year in Sicily. The format we have created is a winning one: not just football and fitness but a 360-degree offer that allows families to experience a weekend dedicated to sport, wellbeing and relaxation. The numbers were, once again, flattering with over 1500
attendance and rooms at the Serené Resort sold out. The satisfaction, of course, is great and the Swell continues to grow exponentially”.
With these clear and defined prerogatives, the appointment is already aimed at next year for Swell 2025.

The awards

The last day of Swell 2024 marked the closing of the event with the awards ceremony which embellished the finale of the entire event. As regards the youth football tournament, it was Torino that won the “Swell Cup 2024” by beating Pro Bagnara. Below is the list of all the other winning teams in the multiple categories:

Small samples: Ivan Castiglia, Ludos, Real Cosenza, Academy Isola

First kicks
First place: Academy Isola Capo Rizzuto
Second place: Pro Bagnara

Chicks 2014

First place: Ludos
Second place: Pro Bagnara

First place: Real Bagnara
Second place: Pro Bagnara Debutants at 5
First place: Pro Bagnara
Second place: Gatto and Lio Lamezia Debutants at 9

Conference League
First place: Academy Isola Second place: Leukos Lazzaro Europa League
First place: Taurianova Academy Second place: Seles Gioiosa Polistena Champions League
First place: Real Bagnara

Second place: Real Cosenza

Very young at 5

First place: Real Taurianova Second place: Leukos Lazzaro Very young at 11
First place: Gioiese 1918 Second place: Young Boys Palmi Juniores at 5

First place: Olimpia Mirabella Second place: Gebbione

Participation prizes: Mediterraneo, Cantera Melicucco, Asd Campioni Cutro, Crescendo Crotone, Bovalino academy, Asd Tresilicese, Reggio village, Asd la Madonnina, Asd Sara Messina, Palmese, Centro Reggio junior, Circolo Crucitti, Atletico Crotone.