Cosenza, interruption of the water service tomorrow


By John

Interruption of the drinking water supply in the city, tomorrow (9 April), due to the execution of some repair works on the Abatemarco Aqueduct pipelinefollowing the location of some breakages along the installation route of the hydraulic scheme which crosses several municipalities, including that of Cosenza.
Sorical communicated this to the Municipality of Cosenza, specifying that the interruption will continue until the completion of the works, only for the users supplied by the San Marco Argentano loading basin. Sorical's communication also clarifies that the drinking water supply will be guaranteed until the storage tank is exhausted, while the users of the municipalities powered by the hydraulic scheme of the Capodacqua spring, such as the users of the University and Quattromiglia, will not suffer any disruptions. . The repair work should presumably be completed the same day tomorrow, with the gradual restoration of ordinary supplies.