Cosenza, Kos Running ASD begins the third racing season with great enthusiasm


By John

Kos Running ASD, a sports club from Cosenza, has started its third racing season with great enthusiasm. What started as a bet between a few friends has turned into a team of forty running enthusiasts, who train in the Cosenza stadium and on Viale Parco. What makes Kos Running so special is the fact that its members are not professionals, but ordinary people who run for pleasure. In an age where running is often associated with work and competition, finding a group of people coming together to run for fun almost seems like the plot of a science fiction film. Carmine Spizzirri, the president of the team, proudly declared that Kos Running has participated in several running races in Calabria and even in Spain. For all members of the team, sport is synonymous with fun and moments of aggregation. On the occasion of the celebration of the end of the second year of activity, Spizzirri announced that the team is preparing to start the third year with many projects and numerous participations in competitions all over the world and anyone who wants to join the team is welcome. Kos Running has become a point of reference for running lovers in Cosenza and beyond. The passion for this sport unites young and old, creating an environment of sharing and mutual support. Each member of the team has the opportunity to improve their performance and participate in competitions both locally and internationally. The third racing season of Kos Running therefore promises to be an exciting and challenging experience. The team members are ready to test themselves and demonstrate their commitment and determination. Running, in addition to being a physical activity, becomes a way to overcome one’s limits and achieve increasingly ambitious goals. Kos Running demonstrates that running can be much more than just a sporting activity. It’s a way to bond, have fun and discover new places and cultures. The passion for running unites people from different life experiences, creating an inclusive and stimulating environment. The third racing season of the “Brankos” promises to be a success. The team is ready to get involved and demonstrate its value. Running, in addition to being a physical activity, becomes a way to share moments of joy and challenge together. Kos Running is an example of how sport can bring people together and create a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment.