Cosenza opens up to its fans. Guarascio appointed member of the “Lega calcio service”


By John

During yesterday’s assembly of the Serie B National Professional League, in the Via Rossellini headquarters in Milan, the president of Cosenza Eugenio Guarascio has been listed as a member of the board of LCS, Lega calcio service, with a quota for Lega B. The position of the top manager of the Silan service company (75% from the Serie A League and 25% from the Serie B League) will become active in the autumn. LA LCS is a joint-stock company which has the task of dealing with the management of real estate activities, marketing and television services of the two top Italian football leagues. In 2022 it presented a turnover of around 5.5 million euros. An operational role in the button rooms for the entrepreneur from Lamezia who over the years has often called for reforms at every level and in every sector of Italian football. He will now have the opportunity to illustrate his ideas again.
Open doors tomorrow. Cosenza will be back on the field this afternoon for the resumption of training but in the meantime they reach out to their supporters for the session scheduled for tomorrow. After the retreat between Assisi and Costano and the rest of the last few days, the first session in the city for Fabio Caserta’s group. The main wait, however, is for tomorrow afternoon’s session at the “Real Cosenza” sports centre, when the grandstand gates of the main facility managed by the Perri family are equipped. The Silani supporters will have a first contact on the banks of the Crati with their favorites, after the first approach that several supporters have already had the opportunity to experience especially in the first two summer friendlies played in Bastia Umbria (the joint training, against Piero Braglia’s Gubbio, was played behind closed doors instead). In these first few days in Cosenza, the focus will be on the friendly on Saturday afternoon at the “Stirpe” in Frosinone but also and above all in perspective, since the most important matches are now around the corner, also in consideration of the fact that during the league assembly yesterday the willingness of the clubs emerged to start regularly in line with what was initially foreseen in the calendar, i.e. on 18 August. The Sila staff will therefore evaluate the conditions of those players who trained less in the first phase of the work. Eyes focused, however, mainly on Aldo Florenzi. The Sardinian midfielder born in 2002, absent in Umbria, completed his rehabilitation protocol at Luigi Novello’s Fisiotonik center after the arthroscopic surgery he underwent in Rome on 9 June.
Park under. In the last two seasons, Cosenza has paid close attention to the under 23s. The sporting director Roberto Gemmi in his first three incoming operations has packaged only one movement concerning a player useful for the B list, namely Federico Zuccon. The midfielder owned by Atalanta has landed in rossoblù after an excellent year in Serie C with Lecco with which he has had great continuity of performance and now he also wants to confirm himself in Serie B to try to get closer to returning to the parent company. Caserta will count on him in his choices. However, at the moment the coach from Reggio, net of the young players who will leave the team between now and the end of the transfer market, has few elements on which to focus in order to reach the minimum playing time threshold set by the Melandri law to participate in the mutuality scheme.
In addition to Atalanta’s 2003, the other sure pawn barring transfer between now and the end of the summer market session is Aldo Florenzi (2002). In the starting eleven, however, the presence of one could exclude that of the other while in the past season of the usual eleven three young players were part (Brescianini, Florenzi and Nasti). In the coming weeks we will also know the future of two other elements that could be useful in this context, the 2002 Massimo Zilli and Salvatore Dario La Vardera. Cosenza, therefore, also by virtue of the parameters in force for the composition of the squad, will have to integrate this sector of the workforce. List A, on the other hand, remains waiting to be streamlined.