Cosenza, renovation and recovery of the Vaglio Lise station: the councilor Incarnato meets the RFI leaders in Rome


By John

“The Vaglio Lise station area, like many other suburbs of the city, is of strategic importance for the years to come. And this is why every effort must be made to make them increasingly integrated with the urban fabric.” The Mayor of Cosenza states this, Franz Carusoregarding the meeting that the Councilor for Urban Planning, Pina Incarnate, met with RFI leaders in Rome to discuss the renovation and functional recovery of the Vaglio Lise station and external areas. “

Vaglio Lise – added Franz Caruso – represents one of the points of excellence for my Administration and it is no coincidence that we decided to locate the new regional Hub Hospital there. A fundamental intervention for the development of the city and for the protection of the right to health of the people of Cosenza and of a vast area of ​​users. This intervention – said Mayor Franz Caruso again – it would redevelop the entire station which today is a cathedral in the desert and which, instead, would be destined to become a very important hub. This is why I express satisfaction with the work that the Incarnate Councilor is carrying out on the topic of the suburbs and, in particular, the functional recovery of the Vaglio Lise station and the surrounding area”.
The important and fruitful meeting took place in Rome, at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and was attended by the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Cosenza, Pina Incarnato, and the RFI leaders who have direct responsibility on this type of intervention.

During the meeting, coordinated by the Head of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport Networks of MIT, Eng. Enrico Puja, a path has been operationally defined aimed at speeding up the process relating to the design and subsequent implementation of the important urban redevelopment and regeneration intervention. The Roman meeting will be followed, in the next few days, by a new meeting, this time in Cosenza, between the designers of RFI and the Incarnate Councilor, in which the technicians of Palazzo dei Bruzi will also take part in order to reach a more detailed sharing of the various technical aspects and for the definition of a timetable to be followed until the set objectives are achieved.