Cosenza, the Antonucci variable. The Roman returns to Spezia: “Proud to have been part of the pack”


By John

One of the tactical intuitions at the end of the season through which Cosenza managed to make the leap in quality necessary to quickly close the issue of salvation while also fueling some small playoff hopes up to 90' from the end was represented by the use of Mirko Antonucci in midfielder position. The Roman footballer, who arrived on loan from Spezia during the transfer marketin January, he was often left out of the starting eleven initially but then with the passage of time his qualities emerged and with the goal scored against Feralpisalò he definitively changed pace.
After the away match in Piacenza in which Viali tested him in that area of ​​the pitch, he was always a starter in the following matches, with the exception of the final one at the “Sinigaglia” in Como when he remained on the bench.
Both when he was called to start from the centre-left and when he was transferred to the opposite side to duet more frequently together with Manuel Marras, Antonucci covered the required tactical dictates with great self-sacrifice, while still maintaining a certain amount of freedom when which Cosenza won the ball back.
A liveliness that in other past circumstances had been guaranteed by Aldo Florenzi and which the rossoblù have once again possessed through the play of the 25-year-old who grew up in Roma's youth sector.
At the end of June, however, the player will return to Spezia. In Liguria, in the first months of the championship, he did not perform at his level, not even leaving a great memory among the Juventus fans. In fact, in the match on the penultimate day, he even found himself arguing with some of his former dressing room mates, including Nikolaou.
The number sixteen, a few days ago, already greeted the Bruzi supporters through a short message published on his Instagram profile. In the same he said he was “proud to have been part of the pack” and reactions immediately arrived from various members of the rossoblù staff, who underlined his enormous technical qualities, but also from several fans who asked him to remain on the bank al Crati (at the same time it also aroused criticism from some supporters from La Spezia, ed.). At the moment it is a premature discussion but if he does not fit into the future plans of the Ligurian team, then the discussion could reopen.
The Roman has another three years of contract with the Juventus club, who a year ago spent over one and a half million euros to take him from Cittadella, with whom he had scored eleven goals. Figures which, a priori, would certainly not make negotiations simple.
What happened last summer with the Tutino deal concluded with Parma, however, invites Cosenza to maintain hope looking for ideas and stratagems to make the numbers balance and once again deliver to Viali an element by which he was struck in his last two months in the shadow of Sila.