Elections in Vibo, Muzzopappa: “This city must be freed from the system that governed it” VIDEO


By John

There center coalition in Vibo the engines and the candidate for mayor are warming up Francesco Muzzopappa the political secretariat in via Dante Alighieri was inaugurated this afternoon. Together with candidates and supporters, the well-known criminal lawyer reiterated the key points of his program and the reasons for his entry into the field. There are five lists that support him among movements and parties in the Center area. Muzzopappa reiterated that the goal is “to free the city from the system that governed it”. Decorum, infrastructure, culture and social policies among the priorities of his program. And again: “I guarantee and sign that there are no shadows of any kind in my lists. We want to make Vibo known for the beautiful things we will be able to do.”

There are also candidates in support of Muzzopappa Ilenia Iannelloyoung lawyer from the Portosalvo hamlet, very active in social issues in her country of origin, but not only, e Alberto Galloro. The latter has been a protagonist in recent years, especially on social media with his live broadcasts which have involved hundreds of followers. Galloro has openly attacked the outgoing administration and now aims to transform that extraordinary social consensus into electoral preferences.

In the videos, their words on the eve of this electoral competition which promises to be close and exciting.