Cosenza, the contacts of the former “primrose” Luigi Galizia with the supporters. Those names that are repeated in the history of the cell phones


By John

Two cell phones. Lying on the bedside table in the bedroom. A few dozen euros and food in the refrigerator needed to get through the weekend.
Luigi Galizia42 years old, had no weapons, no cash. And no identity documents. He had lived for three months like a restless ghost, watching the world from the windows at number 7 in Via Castello. He thought he was out of the radar of Calabrian investigators in the historic center of Sala Consilina: a maze of houses, narrow streets, balconies that almost touch. Ideal for keeping the situation under control: it was enough to look out from behind the shutters of the small living room to notice unwelcome visitors in time. The “wolf” rarely left his den, he had shaved his head and kept his beard unkempt.. With cell phones – equipped with cards registered to “friends” – he connected to local cells to talk to the facilitators. The same ones who had contacted the owner of the small house to rent it. Punctual payment and cash without having to sign a contract. No point in giving money to the State. And the landlord had willingly accepted the proposal as he admitted in front of the Carabinieri of Colonel Agatino Saverio Spoto. Of course, he had no idea that he had given possession of the property to the perpetrator of the massacre at the cemetery of San Lorenzo del Vallo. To the avenger who had raged against two women, mother and daughter, murdered with 9mm caliber pistols on the morning of October 30, 2016. Edda Costabile, a former elementary school teacher, and her daughter, Maria Ida Attanasio, 53, had paid for the guilt of being respectively the mother and sister of Franco Attanasio, the real estate agent who in April of that same year had killed Damiano Galizia, the beloved brother of the lifer.

The mobile phones

The memory contained in the card of the mobile phones used by the former “Primula”, the call log, the WhatsApp and Telegram messages, have been under scrutiny by the investigators of the San Marco Argentano company of the Cosenza Operations Department for 48 hours. The “specialists”, directed by Lieutenant Colonel Dario Pini and Captain Marco Arezzini, are slowly reconstructing the web of contacts maintained by the multiple murderer from 7 December onwards. Certain names appear to be repeated in the history of the two smartphones, revealing traces of conversations and exchanges of messages. The fugitive needed to talk and know. He wanted to see his girlfriend, Debora La Greca, who went to visit him unaware that she was being monitored step by step with satellite GPS detectors, bugs and drones. Her arrival in the ancient village in the center of Campania allowed the carabinieri to go into action. Galizia was hiding in the house they had been keeping under observation for days with high definition cameras hidden a kilometer away.
The gun and the arsenal The 9 mm caliber used by the lifer to kill the two women has never been found. But there is one unequivocal fact: the weapon was loaded with bullets from the same batch as those found by the police on 26 April 2016 in a garage in a building in Rende. A box that contained an arsenal discovered thanks to a tip from Franco Attanasio. The murderer told investigators that the property was available to Damiano Galizia, the man he had killed a few hours earlier. Did the gun used by the “avenger” also originally come from that stock of weapons?