Cosenza, the debate on the reopening of Corso Vittorio Emanuele is still heated


By John

The second episode is also gripping. Perhaps a little less controversial than the first, but just as adrenaline-filled. Yesterday morning, in fact, in the small room of Palazzo dei Bruzi used to host the meetings of the Council Commissions, another step of the quarrel arose around the recent reopening of Corso Vittorio Emanuele“We were not the ones who stirred up the fuss,” one of the opposition leaders immediately stressed, Francis Carusoreiterating how the doubts put on the scales by the manager Antonella Rinohave raised doubts regarding the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place recently.
Yesterday, however, those responsible for the procedure connected to the works on the landslide front took care of clearing the clouds, or at least providing clarifications on the matter that has exploded for a few days. In this case, the Rup who took over from the previous one, Eng. Modestoand the new head of Civil Protection, Raphael Nightwho took over the role in place of Rino, according to whom the road in question should have remained closed to vehicular traffic, in the absence of technical-administrative testing and due to the absence of sensors to be positioned on the slope affected by the landslide that occurred in 2019, as a result of which the road was closed to the passage of vehicles.
«Instead of criticizing, the minority should applaud the diligence of the executive led by Franz Caruso, which has finally given back to the community a strategic stretch of road, freeing the historic centre and the entire densely populated area from isolation that has experienced years of hardship”, the summary of the councillor’s speech Damiano Covelli, present at the meeting of the Public Works Commission together with a large portion of the majority, coordinated by the councilor Concetta DePaolaThe round table followed the summit on Thursday called by the Control and Guarantee body of which he is president Joseph D’Ippolitoin the presence of Antonella Rino, who in the meantime had been diverted to another sector, and who signed the revocation of the order to reopen the road.