Zauli: “A Crotone that wants to win it. More stimuli against this Benevento”


By John

The match between Crotone and Benevento is approaching. A never banal challenge which, once again, will be an important crossroads for the season. Mister Zauli knows this well and, however, arrives at the big match still with an emergency in defence. «It’s clear that we are in an emergency – declares mister Lamberto Zauli – we have Bove and Gigliotti injured, Leo who has some discomfort, Loiacono disqualified. But we will only be in an emergency on a numerical level, I have full faith in those who will take to the field. The match is clear, ranking in hand, and therefore we are preparing to play a match as protagonists, to try to win it. It would mean a lot because it is a direct clash, because it would allow us to “avenge” the defeat in the first leg. There is also the rivalry between the two fans and the battles of the past. We want to play one of our best matches, because the moment requires it.”

3-5-2 for Crotone, 3-4-3 for Benevento, with the Sharks who numerically can count on more men in midfield, while the Campanians have a fluid maneuver on the outside. Where do you think the game can be won? «By winning duels. Our way of being proactive will not change, even if they play with three strikers. We will find ourselves playing man against man in defense, but we will also try to cover some passing lines. But it is the player who must build his mentality and the game by trying to win duels. The result of a match is always the result of how many duels are won on the pitch.” Up front, continues the rossoblù coach, «we will have important players, like we have. It will be a beautiful match, between two teams who want to win and who made the transfer market in January.” With the January transfer market, players arrived with different characteristics and qualities from those who left: how does Crotone change? «This is the first match in which we can say that the new additions are in the group. I’m starting to get to know them, as well as my teammates. It’s not simple, we’ve changed enough, but we’ve signed quality and experienced players who will allow us to shorten the learning curve.”

Benevento, Picerno and Taranto in the space of a week: how much will Monday evening’s match influence the close matches? «The match against Benevento is fundamental, because now there are fewer and fewer days left to go. The margins of error are reduced.”