Cosenza, too many dangerous trees: dangers for pedestrians and vehicles


By John

Environmentalists are right when they see trees pruned without valid criteria. And yet our city has had a problem for years that should not be underestimated and which often creates inconvenience without, fortunately, causing irreparable damage or even accidents like the one in Rome which cost the life of an eighty-year-old a few days ago. There are tall trees that deserve different care, a cut that avoids growing upwards and not towards the sides, to avoid possible falls. Instead, except for the restyling operation carried out several years ago on the trees located on the sides of Via degli Stadi, on the avenue leading to the “Marulla”, which have become a danger for passers-by and motorists, little has been done.
And so every time the gusts of wind exceed the warning levels, episodes like the one yesterday morning occur along the road that leads from the Holy Spirit to the Thirteen Canals. One of the trees inside the old Villa fell and ended up on the roadway. Luckily no one was passing by at that moment.

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