Lega – Salvini Premier and Movimento Officine del Sud sign a federation pact


By John

The Officine del Sud Movement, led by Domenico Cavallarorecently signed a federation pact with the Lega di Matteo Salvini. The pact was signed during the visit of the Undersecretary of Labor Claudio Durigon in Reggio Calabria, in the presence of the senator Tilde Minasi e of the president of the Regional Council of Calabria Avv. Filippo Mancuso. In addition to Cavallaro, the regional political coordinator was also present Raphael Pilate and the Provincial Coordinator of Catanzaro Lorenzo Costa.

The news was announced by Giacomo Francesco Saccomanno, Commissioner of the Calabria League

This federative pact represents a new perspective for the future of Calabria, as the two political movements share a love for good governance and support for the current regional presidency. Together, they engaged in numerous battles to redeem Calabria.

The two movements have a similar organizational structure, with a composition of local administrators and a constant valorization of the territory. They also share the same fundamental values ​​as any political or movement pact. Together, they are preparing to face the great challenges of Calabria and, in the short term, the 2024 European elections.

The federation pact is based on common values ​​and programs. Both believe in the strength of the community, in the freedom and fulfillment of each individual. They promote the autonomy of the regions, progressively assigning to Calabria the regulation of fundamental sectors for the economic and social development of the territory. Security is another fundamental point of the federation pact, with the aim of guaranteeing economic and social security through policies and programs aimed at reducing and preventing poverty and the state of personal and working vulnerability. They are committed to a safe country in all its aspects, with zero tolerance towards violence and all forms of crime and lawlessness.

Development, infrastructure and energy are considered fundamental for the growth of Calabria. They will work to build resilient infrastructure that promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialization. Among the priority projects are the Bridge over the Strait of Messina and the completion of State Road 106. Furthermore, they will focus on the tourism sector, enhancing the cultural, natural, landscape and territorial heritage of Calabria and promoting the food and wine excellences of the area.

Finally, the federative pacto undertakes to implement policies consistent with regional planning and programming, through strategic programs and projects at provincial and municipal levels.

In conclusion, the federative pact between Lega – Salvini Premier and Movimento Officine del Sud represents an opportunity for Calabria to face current challenges and build a better future for the region. With common values ​​and shared programs, they are committed to enhancing and developing local communities, promoting regional autonomy and ensuring security, development and well-being for all Calabrian citizens.