Cosenza with the extra man also in Genoa, against Sampdoria with over 1100 rossoblù fans


By John

Contrasting states of mind. Tomorrow afternoon’s match at the “Ferraris” will also revolve around mental details. Which, to be honest, are not simple details. Motivations will also play a decisive role in this case. They could make all the difference in the world. THECosenza has good reasons to equalize the pile of arguments that Sampdoria has collected so as not to lose again in front of their fans. The start of the championship for the Blucerchiati was horror, especially at Marassi.
The Caserta team is warned, three “Cs” are the basis of a good result against the Dorians: concentration, heart but above all a lot of cynicism will be needed to exacerbate the bad moment of one of the big names of the cadet tournament. In Genoa it will therefore not be a match like the others because tomorrow’s away match is probably the most complicated test the rossoblù will undergo in this first part of the season.
Against an opponent who has been chasing victory for eight days now, Cosenza can take another step in the level of confidence in their abilities. A bit like what happened in Palermo a month ago. On the night of the “Barbera”, the rossoblù highlighted that they can compete at certain levels. In the following days, the Sila team recorded another positive result, that of Pisa, for the second consecutive victory at home, while they played on equal terms with Cremonese, who however proved lethal at the “Marulla”.
Never in their history, in Serie B, have the rossoblù been able to win three games in a row away from home. Just as, moreover, so far they have never beaten “Ferraris” in the previous matches played so far. In one fell swoop, therefore, they could update two numbers, acquiring an even greater status in the championship of balance par excellence.
The group is aware of the possibility they have in their hands, at the dawn of a cycle of matches that can further consolidate their ranking. In the background, in fact, before the third stop, the away match against Spezia and the internal ones against Feralpisalò and Reggiana stand out. From treacherous matches like the one against a wounded and hungry Sampdoria it will be possible to determine the rossoblù’s ability to remain at certain levels throughout the tournament.
There will be over a thousand fans who will support Tommaso D’Orazio and his companions: ticket sales will continue until 7pm today, meanwhile yesterday at 8pm 1,123 tickets had already been purchased.
An additional reason to look for a coup: respond to the new demonstration of mass affection with a performance to be proud of. Just like he never misses the opportunity to repeat Fabio Caserta in the press conference when he refers to the Sila supporters.