Crotone beats Monopoli away and obtains the tenth consecutive useful result


By John


MARKERS: 29’pt Gomez, 30’pt Tumminello, 41’st Felippe (rig)
MONOPOLIES (4-2-3-1): Perina 5; Cristallo 5.5 (1’st Viteritti 5.5), Cargnelutti 5, Fazio 5.5 (34’st Angileri sv), Ferrini 5.5; Vassallo 5.5 (1st Iaccarino 5.5), Hamlili 4.5; Borello 5.5, Starita 5, D’Agostino 5.5 (1st De Paoli 5.5); Spalluto 5.5. Annex Tomei 5
CROTONE (3-5-2): Dini 6; Leo 6.5, Loiacono 6.5, Crialese 6.5; Tribuzzi 6.5, Petriccione 6.5 (46’st Jurcec sv), Vinicius 6.5, D’Ursi 6 (19’st Felippe 7), Giron 7; Tumminello 7 (39’st Bruzzaniti sv), Gomez 7(19’st Vuthaj 6). Coach Bardi (Zauli disqualified) 7
REFEREE: Jesi jacket 6.5
NOTE: 1′ of silence observed in memory of Antonio Juliano, European champion with the Italian national team and flag of Napoli. Booked: Cargnelutti, Vassallo, Starita. Expelled: Hamlili in the 30th minute for a double yellow card. Corners: 3-4. Recovery: 1’pt, 3’st,

With a clear 3-0 Bardi’s Crotone (due to the disqualification of Mr. Zauli) also beat Monopoli at home, obtaining the tenth consecutive useful result. One-sided match with the Pythagoreans who, in the space of a minute between the 29th and 30th minute of the first half, took a two-nil lead thanks to goals from Gomez and Tumminello. In the second half the rossoblù came close to scoring a third goal several times. The hosts were left with ten men after half an hour of the second half due to Hamlili’s expulsion, the Calabrians took advantage of this to continue moving forward and found the third goal in the 41st minute thanks to the penalty kicked by Felippe. Crotone rises to 32 points, temporarily placing themselves in third place. And on Friday evening Avellino arrives at the “Scida” for the big match of the last first leg.