Crotone, man saved by firefighters inside a house


By John

Firefighters intervened this morning, at 9.45am, after a call to the operations room of the Crotone firefighters reporting an injured person inside an apartment on the fourth floor of a building located in via Santa Croce. The unfortunate man was unable to get up to open the door, which was locked inside, and asked for help. Upon arrival on site, the fire brigade team prepared an attempt to open the door to gain access to the apartment. Subsequently with the aid of the ladder truck, entering from the balcony, help was given to the unfortunate person. In collaboration with the 118 health workers, the man was immobilized and with a toboggan stretcher secured to the ladder truck he was transported from the fourth floor to the avenue where an ambulance was waiting. A rather delicate intervention given the height and weight of the injured man who was entrusted to the care of doctors for transport to hospital.
In addition to the particularity of the intervention, it is worth underlining the effectiveness of the collaboration between 118 and firefighters who made the intervention safe and immediate and concluded in the shortest possible time.